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Littlest Nopes was founded by Ruth AJ Wilson, a Creative and Life Coach. The idea for Littlest Nopes lived inside of her for several years but didn't come to the surface until Ruth was studying for her Life Coaching Accreditation and she was able to express all of her emotions without judgment. Littlest Nopes is a colourful catalogue of human growth, transformation and expansion. The full spectrum of human emotions are present in the characters. Some days can be hope and of course, some days can be....well...NOPE! :)


If you too would like to experience Coaching and discover it's transformational, life changing benefits then do please reach out, I have clients all over the world and would love to hear from you! Just reach out on the contact form.


"It is no exaggeration to say that Life Coaching with Ruth changed my outlook on life dramatically - my weekly sessions quickly showed me that I had many more options that I would have considered alone. With her guidance, I've taken my first steps towards my dream career, but more importantly, build a solid foundation of self-belief."



"From being a massive sceptic over this. I'm now life coaching's biggest advocate. Her energy is contagious

and I feel comfortable throughout. I can't thank or recommend her enough."



"The results I've seen so far have been astounding! I've taken charge of my career, improved

my relationships and generally have a vastly improved outlook on life."



"Ruth gave me permission to finally voice what I actually wanted. I have started a new job as a Digital Content Editor and have returned to a 

world in which I will be paid to write. If you are at a crossroads or even if you aren't, you won't regret it!"



"I found my sessions with Ruth so uplifting! She helped me feel grounded, supported, connected and empowered and all at a distance! I'd 

highly recommend to others to work with her wherever they are!"



"Such lovely and powerful sessions with Ruth! I have a clearer vision and I'm feeling electric and ready for action. She is a beautiful soul, very easy to talk to, leading you with her questions into a journey to a deeper self discovery and empowerment. I would highly recommend having a session with her. She breathes this. Thank you so much."



"The way Ruth shows up is sooo special - thank you for being so awesome and asking all the right questions to let me find the answers myself."



"Ruth helped me to ground myself and boosted my confidence in taking the steps forward. Great coach!"



"I love working with Ruth. She not only helped to clarify things in my mind at a period of extreme uncertainty, but she has also made me feel much more positive and motivated to take action! I can't recommend her enough."



"Ruth is a gem of a discovery! She listens intently to what I want to achieve from each session and helps me shift my thought patterns in order to do this. I'd highly recommend her."



"Ruth is very calm, understanding and easy to open up to. I'll definitely be using her again soon."



"Ruth is amazing, so inspiring and helpful. She is great at helping me overcome any of my worries and helping me with my goals."


"I was stuck and didn't know which way to go. I can't believe the difference that Ruth and Coaching has brought to my life. 

I'm so much clearer and confident than when I started and really excited for the next chapter in my life...which I have total control over!!

Thank you so much."


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